On the off chance that you are a bread darling, one of the elective spread for bread is natural product jam. Natural product jam is produced using mixed organic product that is cooked until it structures like gel. Jam has a long timeframe of realistic usability due to the high measure of sugar and vinegar that capacities as enemies of microscopic organisms. Natural product jam can be produced using one kind of organic product or a combination of at least two natural products.

Jam contains fiber that is helpful for stomach related wellbeing. It contains no fat, low in sodium, and has a plentiful measure of potassium. Jam is generally utilized as a spread to bread to improve the flavor. A Slice of bread covered with jam surely tastes in a way that is better than served without one.

Jams sold available are normally high in sugar and additives. The energy you can get from jam generally comes from sugar. A few jams are made in such manners that they contain low sugar or no sugar by any means. This kind of jams is normally more costly than standard ones and may not be as sweet as ordinary sticks because of its low sugar sum.

Here is the manner by which you can make your own low calorie natural product jam. This time we will utilize pineapple to make pineapple jam. It is plentiful in nutrient C, nutrient B6, potassium, manganese, copper, and filaments. It is likewise truly moderate.

For 26 servings (one tablespoon for every serving)


– 350 grams of pineapple

– 175 grams of sugar

– 1 teaspoon of white jam powder

– A quarter teaspoon of citrus extract

Instructions to make it:

1. Strip the pineapple and wash it.

2. Cut it into pieces and put it into a blender. Mix them until smooth.

3. Strain it to isolate the juice from the mash. You can drink the juice.

4. Empty the mash into a skillet on medium warmth, mix it gradually.

5. At the point when it bubbles, add the sugar, jam powder, and citrus extract. Continue to mix until it is dry.

6. Put it into a container when it is hot. Cover the top. Leave it until it is cold enough for serving.

7. Prepared to serve.

Sustenance realities per serving

– Energy: 13.3 calories

– Fat: 0 gram

– Carbohydrate: 3 gram

– Fiber: 0.3 gram

– Protein: 0.1 gram

Tips: If you need to save it for future utilization, keep it refrigerated since we don’t place any additives into it.